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Getting Started

Postby admin » Wed Aug 29, 2012 7:54 am

How to use the Forums:

Before you can post any comments or questions on these forums you must register as a user.
Registration is simple and only takes a few minutes. If you are unregistered, you will see the option to do so on the main menu bar (large orange menu above this message).

Once your registration is complete, you will need to "log in" using your unique username and password.
When logging in the first time, you should notice a couple of clickable options - these, if selected will save your "log in" details on your personal computer, allowing you to avoid having to log in manually each time you visit our forums.

Once you are registered, you are free to browse the entire board.
The board is divided into several sections called "Categories". These are subdivided into "Forums", which in turn are subdivided into "Topics".

You are now reading a topic called "Getting Started" which resides in the forum called "Welcome to the Binderee Forums". This forum itself resides in a category called "BINDEREE FORUMS - GETTING STARTED"

Registered users can read, reply to, and even create Topics. Only administrators can create Forums or Categories.

OK - that's all the technical stuff out of the way! Well almost.

Just a quick word on navigating the different forums.

Directly under the main menu (the large orange bar up above this message), you should notice a thinner grey bar.
This grey bar displays where you are within the forums. By clicking on any of the items listed in this grey bar, you will be redirected to that exact location immediately.

This is useful if you want to get back to the main menu - All you will need to do is click on Board Index. (This is the uppermost level of the entire Forums.)

Once you are at Board Index level the layout of the forums subject matter should be self-explanatory.

We hope you enjoy your visit to
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