Problems with Acme Champion

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Problems with Acme Champion

Postby TraceyPrinters » Wed Nov 27, 2013 2:09 pm

Hi, we use an Acme Champion head but its not stitching and all I get is straight pieces of wire. Do you know how I can fix this? Thanks
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Re: Problems with Acme Champion

Postby Mister J » Wed Nov 27, 2013 2:49 pm


All you are getting are straight pieces of wire.

Ok let me assume that you are getting the same length of wire every time and that this piece is longer than 20mm (shorter than this and the swivel may have trouble holding it.

The easiest solution is that the wire is not straight enough. If this is the case it hits the swivel rather than being led into the swivel and held. Hitting the swivel means the wire drops out of the head unformed.

I assume that you are using round wire (as this is by far the most common). But is it too large, most heads as a standard use 25guage or 0.55mm wire. If you use wire that is too large for the bender bar it will just knock it out of the swivel as a straight or partially formed staple/stitch

If you are using an old style swivel 9038A (download the 26A/26D0 manual from the website. An acme champion is 26A style) then the hook or spring in the swivel may need replacing (part numbers 5106 and 5108 ). It is probably best to upgrade to a magnetic swivel CAA9038M as this will also help with the wire straightness as it does not require the wire to be as straight as when using 9038A.

Lastly is there an obstruction in the bender bar wire slot CA9013BA-25? If so and it cannot be removed then this part will need replacing.

If you are still stuck then let me know. We can always fix it in house.

Thanks for the question
Mister J
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