Deluxe Stitcher, took over the mantle from Bostitch and so have a huge back catalogue of available parts. They have also developed a range of “modern” sidefeed heads. In recent years they purchased ISP Stitcher products and so have added these heads and parts to the range.

Stitcher Type

  • G8

    Stitcher head capacity is 2 sheets to 8mm. Genrally used on gang stitchers for producing brochures or scholl books.
  • G5

    Capacity 2 sheets to 5mm. Is the thinnest head in production with a minimum centre to centre distance of 39mm. Used on gang stitchers or collators.
  • Specialist version of G8 model used on Watkiss stitching/folding/squaring machine
  • G20

    Stitcher head capacity 2 sheets to 20mm. Generally used on lines producing pads where it replaced the earlier 18D model.
  • A specialist version of the M2000 head generally used on bookletmakers
  • An updated version of the swivel type stitcher. Easy to use and a firm favourite for use on collators. Usually ½" crown but variants available
  • For many years this compact, sturdy stitcher was standard issue on many bookletmakers, it has in recent years been superceeded by the model M2000
  • Specialist version of Magnatek or M2000 head for making loop/omega stitches.
  • A heavy duty multi purpose head. For industrial as well as paper and Box applications. Uses a range of crown sizes
  • The "original" stitcher head. Used on gang stitchers and Collators. Usually ½" crown but variants available.
  • 18D

    Capacity of up to 14.6mm, This head is a real workhorse, it has been used for many years particularly in the production of pads